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UpScore your content

and generate more audience engagement and relevance.

Complete information for better insights

Particularly detailed data and flexible tools to assess how your content resonates with your readers. Optimized for digital publishing.

Smart tools for better decision-making 

Intelligent metrics, scores and context information provide you with decision-making support for current and long-term questions.

A comprehensive solution for better collaboration

With a wide range of functionality and intuitively understandable. Thus useable and directly impactful for your entire organisation. Everyone works with the same information.


See trends and opportunities instantly

Follow in real-time what level of attention your content is generating and how your audience is accessing it.

  • Monitor the traffic-mix and the development of the most attractive posts, across your entire site or for any section.
  • Identify opportunities early and areas where change is required.
  • With just one mouse-click you can track specific channels or your segmented mobile, tablet and desktop traffic in real-time.

Position Score

Maximize the impact of you home page

Position Score displays in real-time how your visitors react to the content teasers on your home page and helps with the evaluation.

  • For each content teaser you can instantly see how often it is viewed and clicked.
  • Clear metrics, trend lines and the historical benchmark for each position make it easy to evaluate the performance.
  • You are equipped to actively manage your home page, apply changes at the right time and see the impact.

Content Analytics

Everything you need to know about content items, sections and your whole site in one place

Welcome to the user-friendly form of content analytics. All information about how well your content resonates with your audience is easily accessible.

  • For any time periods and very detailed or high-level, you can assess traffic sources, engagement, devices used, scroll depth, social interactions, re-circulation and much more.
  • Smart functionality and the intuitive presentation of information help you to evaluate the results of your content quickly and easily.

Content Score

Define your own quality index

The Content Score is a consolidated metric that is calculated from different traffic and engagement parameters by taking your objectives into account.

  • You control yourself how much value is allocated to number of views, traffic sources, scroll depth and other parameters.
  • Through the Content Score it is easy to assess which content items are best meeting your editorial goals and why.
  • Editors and authors receive a direct feedback on each article or post, thereby better aligning their daily work to the common goals.

Video Dashboard

Understand how your videos are consumed

This dashboard gives you full insight into how your videos resonate with your audience.

  • You get UpScore's complete suite of information, but enriched by video-specific metrics, e.g. the number of plays, average and total play time.
  • With its unique analytic function you can see at what point the viewers have stopped watching and how many completed the video. When applying advertising breaks this is ideal for optimising the advertising slots.

UpScore works out-of-the-box, but we understand that each organisation has different needs.

UpScore can be easily tailored to your particular needs, e.g.:

  • Custom Content Segmentation, based on definitions of your choosing
  • Multiple levels of Sections, with full flexibility on the structure
  • Dedicated internal and external reports for Native Advertising
  • Content Analyses when a Paywall is in place

Unlimited number of accounts

UpScore is most impactful when everyone in your organisation has access to its information and tools. Hence we provide you with as many user accounts as you need.

Easy to implement

You just need to implement a small code snippet on your web site, we configure the platform for you. For using the UpScore platform you only need an ordinary web browser.

No hassles to operate

UpScore is a Solution-as-a-Service, so don't need to purchase hardware or operate software. Functionality updates are delivered automatically.
We store your data exclusively in Europe.

Digital media face a lot of questions.

How to increase the relevance of your content doesn’t have to be one of them.

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